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Pest Defence Wasp & Bee Nest Removal

At Pest Defence we have an expert bee and wasp control team to offer immediate assistance if you find a wasp, bee or hornet nest at your property or if you are infested with wasps in your home or garden. Located in Chelmsford, we cover Southend, Brentwood and Colchester, as well as other areas of Essex.


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The treatment we apply will have an immediate effect, dramatically reducing the number of wasps within minutes or hours, depending upon the size of the nest. We can treat and remove all wasp and bee nests whether they are at low level, such as in garages, sheds or underground, or high level, in roofs, lofts and chimneys.

Our extendable applicators enable us to treat the vast majority of high level wasp and bee nests without the added cost of specialist access equipment, although ladders, cherry pickers and scaffolding are occasionally needed for a very small number of wasp and bee nests each year. Either way, we guarantee to get rid of your wasp or bee problem quickly, safely and without unnecessary inconvenience.

Wasps can be particularly dangerous, especially if the nest is threatened, so it is advisable that you do not tackle a nest yourself. Our professional team can provide a same-day emergency response to ensure the fast and effective control of any pests.

Bees are beneficial for plant pollination and many species of bees are completely harmless and short lived. We will advise you on whether the bees pose a threat to people or property and we will treat or remove them where necessary in circumstances where they cannot be moved to a safe location. Swarms of honey bees can be collected for bee keepers, while bumble bee nests can sometimes be relocated.

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