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Pest Defence Squirrel Control

Grey squirrels are commonly seen in our towns and countryside and frequently establish themselves in lofts and garages where they store food, shelter and nest. They often gnaw on timbers, electrical wiring, plumbing and stored equipment causing serious damage. They are very noisy, can bite if cornered, and carry fleas and ticks.

Grey squirrels are widely regarded as a serious pest throughout Britain and if you live in an area with a high squirrel population it is highly advisable to keep lofts, outhouses and basements sealed to prevent nesting and rodent infestation.

Once inside your home or business premises, squirrels can cause havoc, causing damage to the structure or your property, as well as presenting a risk to safety by chewing through electrics, so it is essential you have them removed as quickly as possible.

The team at Pest Defence provide a same-day response throughout Chelmsford and other areas of Essex, including Southend, Brentwood and Colchester. We guarantee eradication with the use of spring-activated and live traps. We can also advise on access points and prevention methods to avoid future infestation problems with squirrels.

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