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Pest Defence Pigeon Dropping Removals

Pigeons are regularly found in urban areas where they can easily feed on scraps and waste left by city residents. Even if their presence isn’t a nuisance to you, their droppings can damage property and present a health risk.

Pigeon guano, faeces, droppings, fouling, excrement – call it what you like - is very unpleasant and is one of the main reasons why pigeons are seen as unwanted pests. Pigeon muck is unsightly where it fouls buildings and it can create a dangerous slippery surface on footpaths and fire exits. Pigeons, their droppings and nests also carry a number of harmful diseases which can be transmitted to humans including Psittacosis (also known as Ornithosis), Histoplasmosis, and Crypococcal Meningitis.

Bird nests can also harbour blood-feeding parasitic bugs, bird mites and fleas, which can move into the building when the birds have left the nest. In addition to this, they may also carry insect pests such as carpet beetles and clothes moths, which may migrate into your home and attack carpets and clothes.

Pest Defence in Chelmsford, Essex, offer pigeon dropping cleanup in Brentwood, Colchester, Southend and nearby areas. Whether you have an ongoing problem and require regular pigeon guano cleaning services or you need a one-off clean, we can ensure that all traces of droppings are removed, leaving your building hygienically clean and disinfected.

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We can also install bird control systems, which will deter roosting and ensure that you don’t have a reoccurrence of the problem.

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