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Pest Defence Pigeon Control Services

Pigeons may seem harmless enough, but if a large number take up residence at a commercial or domestic property they can cause a serious nuisance and present a health risk. Pigeon droppings are unpleasant and corrosive and can pose a slip hazard for pedestrians, particularly on stairways. They are also implicated in the transmission of a several diseases to humans including Psittacosis (also known as Ornithosis). Usually there is no need to exterminate pigeons, installing deterrents that stop the birds being able to roost is adequate to provide a long lasting solution.

The team at Pest Defence have over 25 years of experience providing effective pigeon control services for all manner of commercial and domestic buildings. Our coverage area includes our location of Chelmsford and elsewhere throughout Essex, such as Southend, Colchester and Brentwood. Most bird problems can be solved by the expert installation of pigeon netting, pigeon spikes, anti-bird wires and electronic bird control systems that make roosting and nesting impossible. In some circumstances, the targeted removal of particularly troublesome pigeons and nests is necessary, provided it is done legally and humanely.

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We can also provide a pigeon guano removal service that will clear the bulk fouling and nesting material and clean and disinfect all surfaces contaminated with pigeon droppings.

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