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Pest Defence Mole and Rabbit Control

At Pest Defence we know that moles and rabbits can be a huge nuisance if not removed quickly. We have the ability to deal with these throughout Essex, including our home town of Chelmsford, Brentwood, Colchester and other nearby areas.

Mole Control

Moles can be destructive pests of lawns, gardens, and amenity grassland such as parklands, golf courses, and sports fields. The damage is mainly caused by molehills and ridges which are created by their burrowing activities, which can be unattractive in decorative gardens and hazardous in sports fields. They can also cause serious damage to pastures and hay fields, causing damage to silage and listeria in sheep and cattle.

Rabbit Catching

Rabbits breed quickly, devouring a large amount of plants in a short space of time, and can result in costly destruction of crops, decorative plants, trees and shrubs. As their tunnels and warrens become more extensive, they can cause a major risk to safety where they undermine footpaths.


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At Pest Defence, we have experienced mole control experts who will quickly and efficiently remove the moles from your gardens and grounds. Moles can be removed either by trapping, or gassing with aluminium phosphide tablets, with trapping being the preferred and most effective method in most circumstances.

A number of methods are available for the control of rabbits including gassing, trapping, shooting and ferreting, although exclusion by the installation of rabbit fencing is always recommended. Our experts at Pest Defence will be happy to provide advice on the best strategy for rabbit control for you.

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