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Pest Defence Flies, Fly Screens and Fly Killers

There are many types of fly that detrimentally affect human welfare. Flies such as houseflies and blowflies are a serious public health pest and are responsible for many incidents of food poisoning by transmitting bacteria such as Salmonella. If you are a food producer or run a catering business, such as a restaurant or pub, flies can contaminate food and be annoying and distressing to customers. Whether in your home or business, they can be a sign of a bigger problem. Other flies such as mosquitoes and gnats suck blood and transmit diseases and many others are just a nuisance to homeowners and businesses.

Professional assistance with fly control is at hand with the expert team at Pest Defence in Chelmsford. We offer same-day emergency services, and will quickly identify the type of fly, its origins and breeding site, and undertake the most appropriate method of control. The areas we cover include Southend, Brentwood, Colchester and other nearby locations in Essex. With our expertise and our range of electronic fly killers, fly screen windows and doors, and insecticidal applications, we have the solution to your fly problem.

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To ensure you don’t experience a reoccurrence of the problem, we can also install preventative methods such as electronic fly killers and fly screens for windows and doors, and we offer ongoing fly control contracts for more at risk premises.

Electronic Fly Killers

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Fly Screen Windows & Doors

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Common House Fly

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Lesser House Fly

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Cluster Fly

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Fruit Flies

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Drain & Filter Flies

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Phorid Fly

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