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Pest Defence Bird Wire, Spikes and Netting

The bird control experts at Pest Defence of Chelmsford in Essex offer a range of solutions for eliminating and preventing bird problems and infestations, throughout Colchester, Brentwood, Southend and more. We have the training and experience to install all bird control systems humanely and cost-effectively. In many cases, the combination of several different bird control systems may be required on a building to keep birds off.

Our team will be able to assess the extent of the infestation and recommend the ideal solution to suit your property. We can also provide a pigeon guano removal service to and disinfect all surfaces contaminated with pigeon droppings.

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  • Bird Netting is probably the most successful method for preventing birds from colonising buildings, particularly where pigeons are using the building for nesting and night-time roosting. Bird netting is available in different sizes for exclusion of pigeons, starlings and sparrows and is available in different colours. If installed properly, it will stop even the most persistent birds from gaining access to any area of your property, and can be used to protect building fascias, flat roofs, balconies and decorative features, or anywhere where a large number of birds may roost.
  • Bird Spikes offer a highly effective and humane bird control solution if you have birds roosting on your building. They are installed on any linear surface, from ledges to guttering, where birds may roost, ensuring they cannot land.
  • Anti-Bird Wire is the perfect solution for high profile buildings with a slight pigeon infestation that require a discreet and unobtrusive bird control installation. The horizontal tensioned wires have a very low visual impact on the appearance of the building.
  • Avishock Electric Bird Deterrent System is very effective at deterring birds from even the most heavily colonised buildings. It has a very discreet, low profile (just 8mm height) and is now used extensively on heritage sites and challenging buildings.
  • Bird Free Repellent Gel has been successfully applied to deter pigeons either on its own or as part of a wider pigeon control program.

A member of our experienced team will come out to assess your premises, and will suggest the option or combination of options to suit your requirements.

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