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Pest Defence Bed Bug, Flea and Bird Mite

Bed bugs and fleas can enter your property in a number of ways, such as on pets, belongings, with visitors or guests, or you could bring them home after staying at a hotel or friend’s home. Once they’re in, they can spread quickly through all occupied rooms and even into neighbours’ homes.

The team at Pest Defence in Chelmsford have years of experience and expertise dealing with biting insect and bed bug infestations in Colchester, Brentwood, Southend and other parts of Essex. They begin the process by forming a positive identification of the insect or mite responsible.


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We will then be able to provide an effective treatment strategy against the biting insect infestation: a flea or bed bug control using legally approved insecticides and monitoring traps to achieve a fast, safe and efficient eradication of the problem.

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